Hypnotherapy Testimonials

S from Worcester

Addiction to sugar

'Hi Tess, I wanna thank u so much.  Its been over 8 weeks since I had sweet things I should not have had x'

M from Worcestershire

No longer afraid of flying

'Hi Tess, I wanted to tell you I have arrived in Canada and had a lovely chilled flight.  No medication and all was good.  I had a little flutter when there was turbulence but within 30 seconds and a little breathing I was fine again.  I just wanted to thank you for curing me and I am no longer worried about flying.  Even my wife kept asking if I was ok and was massively surprised at how chilled I was. 

Thank you and I feel that my travels shall only get further afield.

God bless you for changing my life'

A from Worcestershire

Fear of Flying

The flights were fine, I managed them well using relaxation and other techniques which you taught me.  All was good.  Thank you so much! 

The helicopter ride was amazing!  I would never have dreamt that I would do it!

Thank you so much for your help and guidance it made travelling a far more pleasurable experience.


No longer afraid of flying


L from West Midlands


Amazing.  I was totally sceptical about hypnotherapy, but decided to embark on a course for my life long phobia of dogs.  Tess was amazing.  She instantly put me at ease, she talked me through the science behind hypnotherapy and how it could work.  She made me feel like I was leading the whole process, adapting the therapy according to how I felt, and she was friendly, welcoming and a genuinely lovely person.  After just three sessions I was able to feel comfortable in the same room as her dog, even to stroke it and let it sniff me.  So it worked!  I can't recommend her highly enough!


G from Worcestershire

IEMT used to treat PTSD

I came with an open mind and no expectations, but was ready to accept your help.  As you know I have suffered for fifteen years from PTSD as a result of this incident and no doubt an accumulation of stress built up over many years as a member of the emergency services in a busy city.  I felt very at ease during the session and was not really distressed at recalling it.  The passage of time has made it somewhat easier.  At the start of the session I was 7 on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the worst).  The feelings I had were mainly of deep sadness and guilt.

I have a clear recollection of what we did during the session.  You took me back through the series of events and utilised the eye movement technique we had discussed earlier. I left the session feeling very relaxed and happy.

I would say I am now around 2 on the same scale  I no longer have the same feelings of distress and blame around the incident and can now understand that it does not matter any more.  I am not to blame for what happened, and could not have changed it.  I have not forgotten what happened and never will.  But I think we can safely say you have moved it to the right place in my head.

I honestly can't thank you enough. 



S from Worcestershire

Weight Loss

Hi Tess,

I thought  I would drop you a line, I feel confident that we have dealt wth the problem of weight loss.  My eating habits are back on track, I have completely eradicated the need to snack on those things that used to put on the extra pounds.  I have lost some 16lbs in total and my wife is now asking me not to lose any more!  My tennis is quicker – better and I feel much more able in everything I undertake.  

I always felt that this was the correct format for solving my bad eating habits and I was right.  Three hypnotherapists later it was a joy to find someone who knew what they were talking about and dealt with the problem in a simple -  no nonsense way. 

I also enjoyed our chats, you have a great calming and eaygoing style that is therapy on its own. 

I wish you well and leave you with the promise that I will advocate to anyone that needs your help that you are the lady to visit.

my most sincere thanks again



B from Gloucestershire

Virtual Gastric Band

I have never written a testimonial before but I just have to let everyone know how Tess at Worcester Hypnotherapy helped change my attitude and my life.

The basic facts are that in the year since I first went for hypnotherapy and had a virtual gastric band fitted, I have lost 3 stone, have started running and am now a more confident singer and actress.  I feel fitter and happier now as I approach my sixth decade than I can remember.

I had tried many many diets in the past but always had a sense that it was my mind and my self belief that lay at the root of my weight problems. Tess helped me with her evidence based approach.  She helped me to adjust to eating smaller portions of a heathy diet wthout feeing hungry. 

I sill have 1 1/2 stone to go to my target weight but I just KNOW that I will get there and more importantly I will not regress!

Thank you Tess!!


T from Worcester

Quit Smoking

"I haven't touched a cigarette or spliff since meeting you a little over three months ago and am really really happy and pleased with your service!"


D from Worcester

Virtual gastric band

Hi Tess, I just want to thank you for what you did for me.  I have lost 3 stone and never felt so good.  Thank you again, if ever you need me to recommend you you have my vote.                                                                                        

S from Worcestershire

Stress and anxiety

"Hi Tess, I'd just like to thank you so very much for helping with my stress. 

The cause of the stress is still there in my life of course, but thanks to your expert help, I now have some effective tools to deal with it whenever it arises.

Many thanks"

S from Worcester

Quit smoking after forty years!

"Thank you so much for seeing me a second time.  It really has helped.  Most of all, thank you so much for all your support, in making me a non-smoker. 

ps you're really good at what you do."


L from Worcester

Quit Smoking!

"Well, I didn't see how one session could do it.  But it has, fair play.  Off to save myself a fortune.  Thanks a lot."

R from Oxford

Treated for Performance Anxiety

"Hi Tess, Thought I'd let you know that the assessment centre went well and then they phoned me for another interview with two managers in a specific department for an hour.  They phoned me today to say that I got the job.  Absolutely over the moon and thanks for everything, you really helped and encouraged me."

M from Birmingham

Surprised by Virtual Gastric Band Treatment

"The process was easy and relaxing and the results immediate!  I left Tess's office and although I hadn't eaten since breakfast I simply did not want to eat anything other than a small sandwich.  I noticed weight loss almost instantly and found it totally natural to stick with very modest portions."  

S from Worcestershire

after Virtual Gastric Band Treatment

"I sit here two stones lighter than when we first met in May and I am finding it very easy to maintain"

T from Worcestershire

Successful Weight Loss with Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

"I can thoroughly recommend the Virtual Gastric Band Treatment offered by Worcester Hypnotherapy.  Eating less and eating good healthy food has become easy and consequently weight loss has become easy too.  The whole procedure was very relaxing and enjoyable and the investment is certainly paying dividends."

D from Malvern

After successful treatment for dental phobia

“Hi Tess, as you know I have a life long terror of the dentist, especially of injections in the mouth. I recently had a course of treatment to repair damage to my teeth which included a two hour dental bone graft. I have known my dentist for a very long time and I don’t think he was looking forward to it any more than I was! I had two sessions of hypnotherapy with you and I floated in. You sent a list of instructions for the dentist to help me to relax and I never even noticed the injections. It is the best I have ever been and the dentist was so impressed he has asked for your card for other nervous patients. I have to have further treatment but I am confident that I will get through with no problems. Thank you, I am telling all my friends!”

A from Bromsgrove

Having overcome her fear of injections and surgical procedures.

“Having recently had a shoulder injury it was deemed that my course of treatment was to involve a course of cortisone injections and physiotherapy. Sounds fairly straightforward to the average person but not for me, I had a needle phobia and have, wherever possible, avoided having a ‘jab’ at all costs. I didn’t really know where this fear had come from but all I knew was I had to get it sorted and get it sorted fast as an appointment for an arthrogram (a procedure whereby a dye is injected into the joint during an ultrasound scan) was getting closer and closer and closer! I spoke with a few friends whom I knew had had hypnotherapy and Tess Cooper came highly recommended to me, having successfully helped combat their fears and phobias.

After a couple of weeks, I plucked up the courage, picked up the phone and made my first appointment. WOW! I can’t describe how I felt after that first session. Tess established that the fear had stemmed from an early surgical procedure and during that session we talked about that made me feel. The second session was about was about looking forward, in particular the arthrogram and the injections with my new mindset, again WOW! I certainly wasn’t a non believer in hypnotherapy but initially I would’ve probably said that it wasn’t for me. I had just the two sessions and can’t thank Tess enough for her efforts with me as I had my arthrogram and cortisone injections without any issues whatsoever. Final WOW!

I would and have recommended hypnotherapy to my friends and would definitely say it was a good decision. There’s no need to let a fear or phobia have a negative impact on your life, so if you’re thinking about it, go for it! Thank you Tess for all you have done.”

M from Bromsgrove

Recovered from fear of vomit, enclosed spaces and public eating

“Hi Tess, you can always count on the kids to throw up! At least there was a positive this time, and I found that I wasn’t bothered I was in Bromsgrove earlier today too and a man was with ambulance crew, throwing up in a bag, and I didn’t flinch.

On Wednesday I was in the smallest lift imaginable and not bothered, and to top it all I sat and watched the film Buried with Pete. A poor man is buried in a coffin underground in Iraq! I would never have been able to talk about that – let alone watch it.

Thanks again for all your help. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone!” –

J from Solihull

Past Life Regression

“I have always had a strong interest in past life regression but it wasn’t until I was given a recommendation to visit Tess that I decided to go for it. From the start I was made to feel 100% comfortable and fully aware of what was to happen, as if the whole experience was to be tailored to me needs and wanting to be regressed. Tess’s professionalism and knowledge making me feel entirely comfortable and her methods in finding the most effective and personalised ways for you to unlock the memories, gently and safely, makes it a wonderful and enriching experience. I discovered much more which I felt I needed to discover and much which will aid me today. I cannot recommend the experience enough!”

M from Worcester

Who had a gastroscopy without sedation or anaesthetic.

“I just wanted to say thanks for the help you gave me last week. As you know I was extremely nervous about the procedure but you gave me tremendous confidence and, although still unpleasant, the whole thing passed without pain or problems. And best of all, I was able to drive afterwards.”

E from Hollywood

Cured of her spider phobia

“I just want to sincerely thank you for the hypnotherapy you gave me for my spider phobia. Given the fact that I was cynical about hypnotherapy and so sure that nothing would ever cure my fear of spiders I believe you have achieved the impossible!

I was nervous of the process of hypnotherapy as it was such a new concept to me and nothing I had ever experienced before, but you completely made me feel at ease and relaxed, explaining each process to me. The serene environment you have created at home also made the experience an enjoyable process instead of feeling I was having treatment.
The fact that I can now, finally after 35 years, get a spider out of my house is testament to you and your skill to help me work through my phobia via hypnotherapy.

It is definitely a process I would consider again and I have already recommended you to many of my friends. Thanks again, you’re a star!”

E from Solihull

After conquering her fear of heights and climbing the Eiffel Tower.

“Done it. Thanks.” (Having climbed the Eiffel Tower)

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