Hypnotherapy Treatments

Habit breaking and performance anxiety treated with Worcester Hypnotherapy

I offer Hypnotherapy treatments for many conditions, including:


Stop smoking with a one session treatment which takes approximately 90 minutes.  The therapy seeks to ensure that there are no withdrawal symptoms and no weight gain.  This treatment worked so successfully for me that I became a Hypnotherapist.

See stop smoking page for full details

Weight Control

We examine your eating, drinking and exercise habits and use hypnotherapy to control them, aiming for a weight that is healthy and sustainable for you. Our discussions will reveal whether conventional weight loss methods are appropriate for you or whether Virtual Gastric Band Treatment better meets your needs.

Virtual Gastric Band Treatment takes five treatments over a nine week period, it is a permanent commitment to sensible eating. You will eat less food and less often after a process which will take you through virtual surgery leaving you with the belief that a gastric band has been fitted.

See weight loss page for full details

Phobias and Fears

Hypnosis is very successful in the treatment of phobias and fears which can disrupt normal life and activities. Includes medical and dental phobias, fears of, specific animals, heights, confined or open spaces, flying, social phobias as well as less well known fears.

See Phobias and Fears page for full details

Stress and Anxiety

Stress plays a huge role in causing physical, mental and emotional distress as people struggle to meet competing demands. Together we will identify areas of stress and anxiety and work out tactics to address them, learn simple relaxation techniques and set realistic goals for a more controlled and relaxed lifestyle.

See Stress and Anxiety page for full details


The misery of sleeplessness can cause lack of concentration, poor memory and bad temper which affects family and friends as well as the insomniac. Together we can explore causes and cures.

See Insomnia page for full details

Self Confidence and Assertiveness Training

Low self confidence often leads to stress. Change how you view yourself and the world. Learn how to say "No".

Performance Anxiety

This may affect you if you have to speak in public, address a meeting, take an exam or give any kind of public performance. It can lead to unpleasant symptoms like digestive upsets, anxiety, insomnia or headaches, even panic attacks and can result in a poor performance on the day. Learn how to resolve your fears and produce an optimum performance.

Performance Enhancement

Learn how to maximise your performance with visualisation techniques.

Habit Breaking

For example nail biting.

Pain Control

Includes chronic pain, headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. Learn how to use the power of your mind to block or alter the sensation of pain.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

An anxiety disorder that emerges following a distressing, traumatic event such as abuse, assault, rape, a natural disaster, war, a bad accident or injury. The syndrome may include re-experiencing the trauma in dreams, recurrent thoughts and images, a kind of psychological numbness. An exaggerated startle response, hypervigilance. This may lead on from an acute stress disorder and would need to be diagnosed by a medical doctor.

This is a very distressing condition and if you feel that you may be suffering from it I urge you to consult your doctor without delay. Once you have done so I would be delighted to see you.

……….many other conditions treated including:

Addiction, Anxiety, Acrophobia, Automophobia, Aversions, Bashful bladder, Bed wetting, Bereavement, Blushing, Body dysmorphia, Bruxism, Car sickness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Claustrophobia, Compulsive behaviours, Concentration, Confidence, Depression, Dental Phobia, Driving problems, Eating disorders, Eczema, Emetophobia (fear of being sick), Exam nerves, Fatigue, Fears, including: Fear of butterflies, Fear of children, Fear of crossing bridges, Fear of dentists, Fear of dogs, Fear of flying, Fear of Heights, Fear of needles, Fear of public speaking, Fear of spiders, Fear of urinating, Fear of water, Gambling addiction, Generalised anxiety disorder, Grief, Hair pulling, Headaches, Irritable bladder syndrome, Irritable bowel syndrome, Impatience, Indigestion, Insomnia, Loss of motivation, Low self esteem, Low self confidence, Memory problems, Migraine, Motivation for exams, Nail biting, Nervousness, Nightmares/terrors, Obsessions, Pain, Panic, Past life regression, Post traumatic stress disorder, Public speaking, Relationships, Revision problems, Relaxation, Shyness, Sleep problems, Smoking cessation, Sports performance, Stage fright, Studying problems, Sweating, Temper/misplaced anger, Tension, Unwanted habits, Weight loss, Weight management, Worrying.

All treatments are specifically tailored to your needs. Some conditions may be treated in collaboration with your doctor or other health professional.

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