Hypnotherapy to Treat Anxiety and Stress

Hypnotherapy to treat anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress are two completely different things but I have put them together because they often have an identical or similar cause and often result in the same symptoms.  Both play a huge role in causing physical, mental and emotional distress as people struggle to meet competing demands.


Anxiety is a vague, unpleasant emotional state with qualities of apprehension, dread, distress and uneasiness.  You may not know what triggers the feelings and that, in itself, can be frightening.

There are many ways of tackling anxiety; you may need prescribed medication or advice from your GP or other health professional, we may be able to find an event that started it all off and resolve that, we may be able to identify triggers and address them or your response to them, you can learn relaxation techniques. 

Some of this work will take place during our conversation but the big advantage of hypnotherapy is the work that can be done directly with your unconscious mind, enabling lasting changes to occur.


Stress occurs when you believe that you cannot cope effectively with a threatening situation.

The way that we experience stress is a direct result of our stone-age body, it is not designed to cope with modern life.  We have evolved to survive in a world in which food is scarce and physical danger ever present.  When we perceive a threat our body prepares us for a life saving fight or flight; chemicals flood through our blood stream, our heart beats faster, our blood pressure rises, we breathe more rapidly, digestion slows,  muscles contract, we are ready.  Under direct threat from a predator this is a useful response.  Faced with a screaming toddler or a demanding client this response can actually be harmful to us, it is just too intense for the "threat".

Many different emotional, physical and psychological conditions and  illnesses can be caused by stress.  Take the stress test to find out just how many symptoms you may already be experiencing.

And then do something about it.  There are many tactics to combat stress; time management, exercise, diet, relaxation, tackling your stressors, learning your limitations, saying no, self-help books, your GP or health care professional may be able to assist. 

Or I may be able to help, I have helped many people to recognise and tackle their stress, maybe I can help you.

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